Cyber Security, identity, blockchain, ethics

protect your reputation as you embark on your digital journey

consulting for financial services, health, and supply chain industries


  • Reaching an agreed solution to an intractable big data problem for a major government agency
  • Identifying solutions to the reputation challenges of geo-advertising for a global brand
  • Reviewing supply chain opportunities for a major telecommunications company
  • Designing a complex Internet banking platform life extension program
  • Introducing a cyber-security program for a large financial services business unit

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Dr Greg Adamson, Principal.

Greg has more than 20 years' experience in the field of digital risk, providing services to companies in Australia and Europe including BBC, Fujitsu, Telstra, ANZ, and Geoscience Australia. He is an honorary Associate Professor at the University of Melbourne School of Engineering, a Member of AICD, a Fellow of Engineers Australia, and a Senior Member of IEEE. 

Every problem is a combination of at least two issues.

Otherwise the solution would be obvious.

We take the time to understand the complexity of each problem, then develop multi-layered solutions that address these issues.