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Cyber Security Strategy Report
The Cyber Security Strategy Report examines current programs in light of your industry risk profile, industry expectations of cyber-resilience and other pending changes, ​and identifies gaps based on currently and emerging industry experience.

When Norbert Wiener published Cybernetics in 1948, he warned that the world was about to be confronted with utterly unexpected problems.

Cybercrime in recent years has proven this right.

Before the Internet, criminals generally needed physical proximity to the crime scene. That is no longer true.

Two decades ago, advancing technology promised to make systems fool-poof. So criminals began to target individuals, using psychology and human vulnerability to defeat brilliant cryptography.

The entry of state actors has meant that the normal cost benefit calculations for criminals no longer necessarily hold, and raises the new requirements for cyber-resilience.

Nevertheless, the "fear, uncertainty and doubt" approach to security isn't warranted.

What is new, what remains unchanged?

The most significant change in recent years is the expectation that large organizations are expected to help protect their customers. The older approach that if my defenses are secure, and you are outside my defenses, then it isn't my problem, no longer holds. Everyone is too interconnected.

Specific threats are new, specific attacks are new, and evolve by the month, but to a large extent, this continued evolution of the threat environment is itself a constant.

What isn't new? Information asset management remains the (often overlooked) core of any effective cyber security strategy. If you don't know which piece of information is important (to hide, to prevent being changed, to have available), then it doesn't matter how much money you spend, you will fail.

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Protecting yourself or protecting your customers, in the long term you can't survive without it

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