Ethics is the new black. Everyone organisation wants and needs it, but what exactly is it?

This high level review of your organisation will look at the way emerging technologies are changing your ethics and reputation risk threat profile. Some of the major elements of this are:

  • The future of work: how can your company responsibly address the impact of automation you introduce?
  • Artificial intelligence and robotics: Do these change your ethical responsibilities?
  • Breakthroughs in the life sciences: Will human implantable devices, brain machine interfaces, and other human monitoring devices impact your industry?
  • The compliance challenges of holding all that data: Can you know too much about your customers?

Specifically, this review helps you understand the threats and opportunities you are facing. You will discover:

  • Some unique challenges facing your organisation;
  • What approach similar organisations to you are taking;
  • Successes and failures your organisation can learn from;
  • What approach fits the culture of your organisation.

Goya (1746-1828) captures the peril of duty in The 3rd of May 1808

Professional ethics

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