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Digital Risk Innovation Report
This report, based on key stakeholder interviews and a workshop provides a quantifiable approach to the following questions, examining the connection between requirements and existing programs, identifying gaps, and potential work reduction opportunities.

The world is Digital.

Every large company in the world must have a Digital strategy, roadmap, announcements, and digitally aware leaders.

The predominance of key digital companies that have emerged in the past 20 years is testimony to this.

Digital is flexible. It is converged. It is agile.

Your company can transform the way it has done business, even if it has been doing business for 100 years.

What is special about Digital Risk?

First, it is hard to quantify. How to you know if you need to invest in a program, or if it has no value to you. How do you determine whether a cost is reasonable?

​Second, the promised benefits of digital can quickly disappear if traditional risk and compliance processes still take the same length of time, potentially destroying the (possibly expensive) benefit of a digital program.

Third, do the traditional controls which address operational risk and compliance even have a meaning?

Digital Risk Innovation is about matching the actual, rather than the assumed requirements of risk and compliance to the actual requirements of your digital services, products and projects. It requires a deep understanding of the digital offering functionalities, and of risk and compliance needs.

It isn't obvious, and it isn't so easy, but it provides a quantifiable answer to these three special challenges of digital risk.

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On the path to Digital, organizations need effective and flexible risk management